Aidan Ireland Portfolio

Barking & Dagenham college - 2019

VR and 3D visualisation to explore Barking & Dagenham college as it was being constructed. Utilising Unreal Engine 4 an interactive flythrough and full 360 VR walkthrough was developed from architectural drawings. (Double click the main window or click the 3 dots to access fullscreen. Mobile VR compatible)

VR Natural Locomotion - 2018

Natural locomotion study performed to develop and evaluate the feasibility of using natural motion in a virtual environement. The findings of the study suggested that natural locomotion can pose an interesting and confortable solution for traversal of VR worlds. Click below to load each example.

Walking Climbing Swimming

UE4 - Simple level concept - 2014

Using "Valhalla" / "Blood Gulch" from the Halo series of games, a simple, balanced, multiplayer level was designed as a method of understanding UE4 and the nuances of the engine's development flow.

Unity 3D Mobile Game - 2016

"Light Game" is a concept designed around the use of real-time shadows as a game mechanic. The game utilises shader effects written in CG to complement the manipulation of the real-time lighting. The game can be played using on-screen controls or via the accelerometer.

ECS Game Engine - 2018

An entity component system designed and developed, to demonstrate C++ features such as template classes, inheritance, overloading etc. The game engine is developed using SDL + OpenGL and displays techniques such as cube-map reflection written in GLSL, as well as efficient high polygon multi-mesh OBJ loading.